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Did you spot the Forest of Dean Green Party ‘Battle Bike’ being peddled by James Greenwood around the Forest over the course of the campaign. Vote Green!




IMG_2087.JPGIt has been raining!

IMG_2090.JPGWe need to keep our local services


IMG_2088.JPGIMG_2078.JPGWhat will happen to Sedbury Barracks?

IMG_2049.JPGJust a reminder our Forests are always under threat of being sold off.




London Bridge


Looking east towards London.

Our thoughts are with the victims of the terror attack in London, their families and friends and of course our with our thoughts remain with all the victims of the Manchester atrocity too. Perhaps this is a moment to reflect on the good things and people around us in our beautiful and peaceful forest.


Look out for the Forest of Dean Green Party ‘Battle Bike’ being peddled by James Greenwood around the Forest this week.


The Industrial Revolution started here – let us make the Forest part of the Great Green Industrial Revolution


Our unique Forest is such a beautiful place to live.screenshot128.jpg

Too many potholes – ouch!screenshot126.jpg

Too many wasted homesscreenshot127.jpg

Too much traffic pollutionscreenshot128.jpg




James on Radio Gloucestershire

Five of the Forest of Dean parliamentary candidates appeared on Radio Gloucestershire’s debate on Monday evening. When a question from Frack Off Our Forest was asked about whether candidates would support fracking in the Forest of Dean, Conservative candidate Mark Harper repeatedly insisted that there is no shale under the Forest and that the question was hypothetical (and so not worth answering). The other candidates were better informed about the geology of the Forest and voiced their opposition to fracking and concern that the threat of it might return to the Forest of Dean.

Green Party candidate James Greenwood says “as the Conservatives are actively imposing fracking on communities, no-one expected Mark Harper to say he would oppose it, however, his vehement denial of the existence of shale was quite extraordinary. There is definitely shale under the Forest of Dean. Since he stated that he has specifically researched the geology of the Forest, then he must either be lying or completely incapable of using the internet. Neither is very reassuring.

“For me the biggest disappointment was yet again the lack of leadership shown by our MP.  With the District Council voting against fracking unanimously, why did our representative in Westminster so utterly disregard the views of his constituents, and, as usual, sit on the fence/do nothing?’’

The PEDL licence is ostensibly for coal methane gas, but it allows drilling to a depth below the coal measures and into the carboniferous limestone, referred to by the British Geological Survey as ‘Lower Limestone Shale’.


The radio programme can be listened to, (time 31.33) at:

The relevant page of the lexicon of the British Geological Survey can be viewed at:


The Green Party has now resumed its campaign for the General Election 2017 on Friday 25th May. While we argue for a fair, sustainable future filled with hope for the all the people and species who share this tiny planet, our thoughts, of course, will remain with the victims of the terror attack in Manchester, their families and friends.


Green Party Manifesto Revealed

The Green Party has launched its 2017 General Election ‘Green Party Guarantee’ detailing ten key election pledges.

You can view the Green Party Manifesto by clicking HERE.

‘Vote for your future’  Green Party urges young Foresters

Forest of Dean Green Party parliamentary candidate James Greenwood has launched his election bid with a passionate plea to everyone – and especially to the Forest’s young people – to  get onto the electoral register and  vote.

“The current low turnouts in elections is worrying for anyone who believes in democracy. Young people, especially, are failing to vote, yet they have most at stake in our country’s future.

“This is so easy to change! Just five minutes on the voter registration website and you will get your say. Just remember to do it before midnight on May 22nd.”

“At the moment older people are more likely to vote and this means young people are being squeezed. They are losing their right to housing benefit, paying massive student loans, and finding it harder and harder to afford somewhere decent to live.”

James is enthusiastic about the national Green Party policy to lower the voting age to 16. “If you can die for your country at 16 then I think you are old enough to vote to decide its future,” he says.

And to show they mean business, the Forest of Dean Green Party has welcomed members as young as 14 to have their say in party affairs.

Local teenager, Imogen Topping voted in the ballot that selected local businessman James  as the Forest of Dean Green Party parliamentary candidate.

Imogen was keen to have a say, even though, at 14, she cannot yet vote in the election itself.”The decisions – like Brexit – that are made in politics affect young people perhaps more than anyone else,” she said, “so it’s only fair that we should be part of the decision-making process.”

“Our policies are giving people a new hope in politics, and bringing in people – young and old – who have not voted before,” says the Forest of Dean Green Party.

“In this month’s county elections popular Green parish and district councillor Chris McFarling doubled his vote to 780 votes. There were 450 new Green votes – and about 450 more people turned out to vote than last time!

“We were thrilled to see participation make such a big leap where our candidate was so visible.”

James Greenwood said: “Chris’s impact in Sedbury shows there is a hunger for Forest politicians to address threats to the environment like fracking, to reverse the cuts in funding to our schools and campaign for a far better public transport service. These issues affect everyone, and young people most of all.

“Chris McFarling and Sid Phelps work tirelessly as Green district councillors to tackle these issues. And these are the issues I pledge to fight for as an MP.”

“I don’t believe our current MP has brought anything to the Forest at all. If I am elected I will concentrate absolutely on the Forest, to ensure the Forest finally gets its share.”

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•    Find out more about what James Greenwood stands for at

The Forest of Dean Green Party has selected James Greenwood to be its 2017 Parliamentary Election candidate.


The Green Party has published its priorities for the 2017 General Election